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Most people trying to lose weight know exactly what they need to do in order to shed those extra pounds, kilos or whatever. They know what weight loss involves and even know what to do to further tone up their body and look slim, fit and healthy.

I am presuming here that you do not have a medical condition, nor are you on medication making it impossible to manage your own weight. So, why haven't you been able to do it? What has happened? Why hasn't what you did do work?

The problem is either one of two things. Either your motivation is not strong enough to do what you need to do. Or, your weight problem is just one of the things in your life that you feel is beyond your control and you are frustrated and giving up.

With Hypnosis we can do one of two things. For the first situation, using Hypnotic Suggestion Therapy, we can boost your motivation, your willpower, your confidence and drive to achieve your target weight. In situations where, in the past, your resolve weakened, you will feel massive drive and motivation. So strong that you will actually enjoy eating in a healthier and more sensible way. And enjoy taking appropriate and regular exercise.

Suggestion Therapy usually involves 2 or 3 sessions.

In the second case, Hypnoanalysis is the most successful and quickest way known of releasing the cause of restricting and weakening feelings preventing you from even believing that you can achieve what you want. The root cause of routine failure and the subsequent feelings of failure, frustration, disappointment and despair, is always some old bottled up feeling or emotion, which is coming to the surface making it impossible to feel the strength to see things through.

Hypnoanaylsis treatment, typically, in a number of weeks, results in a permanent release from all of the weakening feelings, beliefs and restrictions in all areas of your life. It is a permanent cure. There is no problem to manage or to worry about reccuring in the future, just a new lease of life and freedom.

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