Social Phobia or Social Anxiety

Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety) is a term now being used to define a range of common symptoms. The symptoms of an underlying Social Phobia include blushing, excessive sweating, shyness, anxiety in social situations, fear of public speaking, fear of meeting people, the inability to communicate well in work or in social situations.

Very often, once sparked, the symptoms can gradually become worse or to affect you in more and more situations. This can become very distressing, frustrating and even debilitating.

The reason these problems are grouped together into "Social Phobia" now, is that they are all based on the same underlying feeling, a fear of being judged by others or others' opinions of us. It becomes an uncomfortable feeling of being inadequate or afraid of looking foolish, stupid, a fraud or a "phoney". A fear of making a show of yourself, being shown up, exposed or embarrassed. It is often a feeling that would be valid if you had something to hide like a dark past, a guilty secret or some hidden skeleton in your closet. But usually you cannot think of anything that would justify these feelings of anxiety.

Hypnoanalysis is the most successful and quickest way known of releasing the cause of these feelings and thus permanently resolving all of the associated symptoms. (And most Social Phobics have more than one of the uncomfortable symptoms). The root cause of the symptoms is always some bottled up feeling or thought which is breaking the surface only in certain situations, making you very uncomfortable.

This treatment typically takes a number of weeks to complete, resulting in a permanent release from all of your discomfort and anxiety. You also notice a general feeling of being more relaxed and a boost in self-confidence and positivity.

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