Sex Addiction Treatment

These days, with the internet and modern forms of communication, it is easier for someone to find themselves addicted not only to personal sexual activity, but also to accessing pornography on the internet, sex chat rooms, messenger, text or telephone sexual activity.

This can often be a problem for a person who finds themselves addicted to such activity, but is a particular problem for people in long term relationships. It can cause feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety and loss of control. But it can also obviously lead to even the break-up of a relationship.

This is what we call a compulsive behaviour and it CAN be cured. You find yourself doing something that afterwards makes you feel bad and that you maybe have often resolved not to repeat. But you go on to repeat it, seemingly unable to stop.

The reason this is so hard for you to stop, is because you really don't know WHY you are doing it. This is where I work. Together we find the reason for this addiction and, by removing that cause, the urge to do it goes away, forever. You will also find lots of other stresses and worries in your life lifted too leaving you not only more in control of your life but feeling more relaxed and positive, confident and proud of yourself again.

This is a problem that I deal with successfully on a regular basis. It is done in a completely confidential and non-judgemental manner. If you want more information on this successful treatment, please call me to arrange a FREE confidential half hour consultation. Or call to make an appointment and get started on changing your life straight away, maybe before it is too late.


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