Hoarding can be a very misunderstood and difficult problem for a hoarder. People often look on it as a source of amusement, but it can become a very limiting problem and affect those close to the hoarder, such as family and friends.

Many people who are hoarders, or inclined towards hoarding, fear talking about their problem, for fear of being ridiculed or labelled "nuts". And so the biggest problem in getting help with hoarding, is finding someone who actually understands the situation. And, because most of the people offering treatment for hoarders don't actually know what it is, their solutions to it often fail and at best give you a means of coping or struggling with your problem.

The good news is, that hoarding can be cured! It is usually caused by an underlying anxiety, or low level fear. This causes a hoarder to feel very uncomfortable about throwing away anything which they may feel could be useful in some way in the future. It is basically a fear of some day finding yourself needing the thing that you have thrown out.

However, at the root of this disorder is always some lost fear, which is so deeply buried that you have forgotten about it. But it is still having an effect on your feelings and behaviour. Most people who hoard can't fully explain why they do it and they often know that it is excessive. This is because it is based on a feeling, an uncomfortable feeling that stops them from being able to dispose of things. Hoarding, keeping things, gives them some sense of control over their lives and a sense of taking precautions against future pain. The thoughts of throwing things away gives them a very uncomfortable feeling of losing control and the possibility of things going very wrong.

I specialise in getting to the root causes of hoarding, removing them and thus removing the feelings which drive obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviour. This REMOVES the problem so that there is no then need for medication or any other coping mechanisms such as exercises, thought control, special routines or procedures.

I am very experienced in dealing with these obscure anxieties. There will be no labelling or judgement. I have heard it ALL before and understand the symptoms and the suffering.

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