Emetophobia - The Fear of being sick or vomiting.

"emetophobia: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vomiting or fear of throwing up, despite the understanding by the phobic individual and reassurance by others that there is no danger."

This is a very common phobia often leading to difficulties in going out in public or socialising. It can become very debilitating. A lot of people don't even realise that they have a well known and very common phobia.

Those of you who have even heard of the term will know that there is a lot of material relating to this phobia on the internet. Even if you don't you can start here, with an internet site devoted to Emetophobia and its treatment.

I give you a secure, confidential, understanding and non-judgemental place where you can safely talk about and resolve this problem in complete confidence with an expert in dealing with it. People who suffer with this fear find it hard to enjoy a normal lifestyle. A phobia or fear like this is often caused be some past experiences which we have, very often, long forgotten. But we have bottled up the feelings experienced at that time.

The human mind and body remains afraid to release these feelings forever, unless you find somewhere and someone you can trust to be understanding and skilled enough to help you let them go forever. I use methods now widely used in the U.K. to help people recover from years of suffering in a matter of weeks. Here is an interesting article in a U.K. newspaper about the treatment that I offer.

We can help you feel the way you would now like to feel. You deserve to be able to get on with enjoying your life, no longer weighed down by your past experiences.

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