Bulimia and Anorexia

Bulimia and Anorexia are two separate eating disorders. Often they may seem to share some characteristics and even appear to overlap, or one may seem to evolve from the other. But they are generally separate and distinct.

Bulimia is usually characterised by the sufferer bingeing on food and then later feeling compelled to "purge", normally by inducing vomiting. This is obviously a physically very unpleasant experience. But sometimes what are even worse, are the feelings of embarrassment shame and even guilt which accompany this cycle and the stress and shame of trying to keep it a secret.

Anorexia is an obsession with the body and, put at it's simplest, is a phobia of putting on weight. The sufferer has such a fear of putting on weight that they are sometimes happier even when their behaviour has reduced their body to skin and bone. They eat very little. And, in extreme cases, not even enough to survive.

You may have noticed that I have separated these two "eating disorders" and described one as a "compulsion" and the other as an "obsession", two different and distinct things. And this is the key to treating these disorders.

Also I have described them more in terms of feelings and fears, because that is the real problem, not the eating behaviour that follows.

Anyone with an eating disorder is using food to try to soothe very unpleasant feelings of fear, anxiety, low self esteem, poor self-image or poor self worth. They are generally, for some unknown reason, deep down, feeling very bad about themselves in general.

Hypnoanalysis is the most successful and quickest way known of releasing these feelings and thus permanently resolving the need to control them. The root cause of this problem is always some long forgotten bottled up feeling or emotion which is coming to the surface, making you very uncomfortable and driving you to do something to make it better, or control it, if even only for a short while.

This treatment, typically, only takes a number of weeks to complete, resulting in a permanent release from all of the fear, anxiety and bad feelings that caused you to turn to food. It is not a "quick fix", it is a permanent cure. Afterwards, there is no problem to "manage" or to worry about reoccuring in the future. Just a new lease of life and freedom.

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