Driving Test Nerves

Nerves over the dreaded driving test is a very common fear. Like most nerves, it is produced by what we call "anticipatory anxiety". Even weeks before we go to do the test we are imagining things going wrong even though that hasn't even happened yet. This is also the case if we are remembering a previous bad experience.

But we only cause ourselves anticipatory anxiety when we are imagining how badly something will go. And, unfortunately, imagining something that is still in the future is actually a mental rehearsal of that event, which means we are getting ourselves ready to feel "real time anxiety" and get it wrong on the day!

So it is very important to mentally rehearse for the big day in a positive way. This will, firstly, allow you to be more relaxed as you practice for your test and to learn all that you need to know in a relaxed way. (Which is when we learn best). Then, secondly, because you will have rehearsed how you will be on the day in a confident, exciting and positive way, you will perform better and be more likely to succeed when your test day actually comes.

My clients leave my practice, (usually after only one session of Hypnotherapy), and go on to actually enjoy the experience of their driving test. Looking forward to showing the tester just how good a driver they are and impressing them with their knowledge of the rules of the road. And then they are looking forward to the many benefits of being able to drive alone safely in the future. I know this because it is one of the things that I treat, that people are actually happy to tell their friends about. When their friends see the success, they come along too!

If you want more information on this successful preparation please call me. Or call to make an appointment and get started on preparing for your driving test straight away.


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